standard of care

One database. One billion paid medical claims. One Standard of Care.

IMS Standard of Care™ - The only tool on the market that provides current information on what is considered a standard procedure. Via the web, Standard of Care allows the user to identify which of the protocols, visits, and procedures are reimbursable within standard care medical claims. Rather than depending on sites to provide this information, IMS provides objective data on how sites actually treat patients allowing you to budget accurately.


  • One mouse click highlights all procedures in a protocol that are standard of care
  • Achieve cost savings by reducing payment overlap from sponsor and third party payers
  • Reduce effort and time to gather standard of care information
  • Negotiate with confidence fair market value payments to investigators


IMS Standard of Care is derived from HIPAA compliant, de-identified, third party medical reimbursement claims across various third-party insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid, and covers approximately 70% of reimbursed care in the US. Standard of Care tracks annually about one billion medical claims submitted by physicians and 200 million claims submitted by hospitals and clinics.

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