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Incorporating coverage analyses into the clinical trial grant negotiation process is the current trend in the pharmaceutical industry.  SitePlan is the pharmaceutical industry’s leading clinical grant budgeting system tailored specifically to meet the needs of investigator sites.  SitePlan utilizes over 1.2 billion paid claims from Medicare, Medicaid, and third party insurers to determine what third party payers consider reimbursable standard of care.  These data allow for sponsors and investigators to automatically determine what third party payers will cover.  TTC works with both sponsor pharmaceutical companies, CROs and client sites.  TTC clients conduct over 76% of all commercial clinical trials in the world.

Benefits of SitePlan

  • SitePlan provides a secure online warehouse for archiving your clinical grant budgets and price lists in one central repository.
  • SitePlan will incorporate your Charge Master in its own column, so you can quickly compare your internal costs, with the publicly available price data for each procedure. 
  • SitePlan decreases the demand on physicians’ time during the negotiation process.
  • SitePlan performs coverage analyses with the click of a mouse.  Utilizing over 1.2 billion paid claims, SitePlan empirically determines which line items on the visit schedule are standard of care.  
  • SitePlan’s budgeting templates are used by most major pharmaceutical companies and CROs.
  • SitePlan coordinates your budgets closely with those of the sponsor.  Similar budgets streamline the negotiation process and speed start up time.
  • SitePlan is a 100% web based system that integrates seamlessly into your current IT infrastructure.

SitePlan can increase the speed of your budgeting process and can facilitate identifying what should be billed to third party payers.  17 of the top 20 pharma, and 8 of the top 10 CROs use the same budgeting system within another product called GrantPlan. 

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