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Clinical Trials – Sooner. Cost Benchmarking – Faster. Online Negotiations – Masterful.

Despite your role, be it finance, outsourcing, compliance or a sponsor, Online Negotiation can bring you immediate value.  It allows for the negotiation process to move faster and it provides good internal data so you can track and measure cost and time savings.

Online Negotiations, an innovative tool integrates with clinical investigator sites to reduce the use of telephone, and facsimile modes of communication for negotiations, benchmarking and reporting. No more paper – a more efficient and green approach that assures resource savings. It also doesn’t require that you or the sites learn a new system.  It works just like email.

The system mechanizes and adds efficiency to what you have always done manually. And with TTC’s unlimited training and 24x7 help desk support, even the web-based system is made as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. Prepare for negotiation by setting the trial specifics to be sent to the investigator sites.
  2. TTC will contact and train your investigators as users.
  3. Negotiations begin with all clinical trial cost changes and approvals documented with date and time stamps.

GrantPlan® and CRO CostPro® then retains a record of the clinical trial costs of the entire study for your continued future access for budget negotiations and agreements.  

Online Negotiation – the greener, faster, and smarter way to negotiate.

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