Clinical Trial –IISIS

Investigator Initiated Trials Made Easier Through Electronic Data Management

IMS IISiS- Investigator Initiated Study Integration System is the only cost benchmarking system dedicated exclusively to investigator initiated studies.


Created in affiliation with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and sponsor investigators around the world, IMS IISiS is designed to

  • Ensure fair market value
  • Create company specific and industry standards
  • Increase investigator accountability for requested funds
  • Facilitate budget transparency through line item costing
  • Support communication between you and the investigator
  • Design budget matrix for your investigator initiated portfolio

IMS IISiS streamlines and standardizes your investigator initiated study proposal submission process and equips you with the tools you need to make informed and dependable budget related decisions.

The 100% web-based database contains extensive cost data for all procedures and activities involved in investigator initiated trials. IMS IISiS supports an automated application work flow, where investigators can submit proposals through a secure portal. It acts as a central repository of your company's historical investigator initiated research cost data.

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