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GrantPlan® makes fair market value - fair

IMS GrantPlan® is the industry’s leading benchmarking tool for current global clinical grant costs. It is the world’s largest database of such costs, containing extensive cost data at the cost per procedure, cost per visit, and cost per patient levels from around the world, including emerging countries.

IMS GrantPlan is the most recognized product representing current fair market value for investigator grant costs and is the world’s first 100% web-based online benchmarking and negotiation tool for international clinical grants.


  • Data collected from actual agreed budgets
  • Data updated quarterly and always less than two years old
  • Efficient budgets and forecasts using current, accurate benchmarks
  • Online Negotiation tool allows real-time dynamic negotiation between sponsor and investigator
  • Immediate access to current and historical budgets
  • Documentation that payments are based on fair market value to meet internal audit or compliance requirements


IMS has the most comprehensive coverage, with over double the grants in the US, three times the grants ex-US and the most robust information for emerging markets in the industry. In addition, IMS GrantPlan includes CRO data, which is critical as 52-53% of studies are completed by CROs for larger pharmaceutical sponsors or up to 80% for smaller pharmaceutical sponsors.

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